Connection Steem and Dejavu

This post is Translation from my article yesterday :

Of course the title selection is not just to attract attention (only 😁). Dejavu in question is a film starring Denzel Washington. The story line of the Dejavu movie is quite interesting. There is a common thread similar to Steem. Described in Dejavu that there is a tool to see the past in realtime, but only for the past 4 days. What happened today according to Dejavu can be seen in the previous 4 days. No more no less. It can be understood if the results carried out today can be seen only in the next four days.

How about Steem? It turned out that the article payout I received today was for an article made a week ago. article I posted 7 days ago. If you want to get payout for articles or other post material in the next 7 days, you have to post something today. Must post something that is valuable, valuable, and interesting. Or at least useful, even if it's just for sharing (Sharing Curator 😉). When we contribute in the world of Steem with something quality, the results (payout😊) will at least be quality too (many 😅).

What if we post and share every day on steams, of course the potential is 7 days from now there will always be a reward. What if I post 3 times a day, it means payout 3 times a day after the 7th day. Why is it always the 7th day? it's very interesting at least from the numbers are interesting. Even though I don't know exactly why always or steamed can only payout in 7 days, no more no less.

Like plants. Steem needs and must be treated with quality fertilizer so that the harvest every week even every day if diligently posting will bear Steem which is not only quality but quantity as well.

I am quite tempted by the Steem platform, other than because there is indeed great economic potential if it is occupied in a professional manner. At least as our medium for learning. Learn to write. They say being a big person begins with writing. Write something as inheritance. Maybe it means to write history.

And Steem is very appropriate, not only spending time on social media without meaningful results but also beneficial, at least there are economic benefits and not only spending internet quota. Steem can be an investment. The alternative is outside our daily busyness. Until maybe if someone asks what your job? we can answer steadily, "I am a Writer" 🤗 (Writer in Steem means 🤣).

Writing is also helped by drinking #Steemokra coffee (advertising), for example, coffee made from okra fruit (vegetable?) and eating snacks.

In Steem, only making original statuses, posting photos, experiences and more (avoiding plagiarism, of course ethics need to be maintained and not containing rasist,etc) can get rewards. Whether it's a reward as an Author post, or a reward as a Curator who voted (similar: like). Or even it turns out that with us making the Steem Power Delegation is also a considerable income potential such as investment, in addition we can also sell our vote-power when​ its idle.

I am relatively new to Steem. And seeing Steem is a great opportunity. Maybe this is my first writing (which is quite long). May all Steem activist friends please. 🙏

What do you think? How do you take care of Steem trees and fruit? So you can always harvest it every day?

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